The Vision of the department is to create opportunities for multi-disciplinary education, teaching in chemistry, and provide socio-economic knowledge to the student community. Disseminate the knowledge in the areas of new opportunities, and also to fill talent gap in deficient areas.


  • To provide abstract based learning.
  • To provide expert information of chemistry to the students
  • To mould/shape the students towards contemporary issues
  • To create awareness towards socio-ethical implications
  • To create the chemistry knowledge to the people of all.
  • Emphasis on recent trends in chemistry through organizing debates, seminar, workshops.
  • Regular updating of the course curriculum.


  • To provide reinforced teaching methodology
  • To create 100% entrepreneurs particularly in production sector
  • To teach chemistry in pedagogy system
  • To conduct workshop/Invited lecture/IV/ Expert-meet for students
  • To prepare the students to attend MOOP

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