About Alumni

Dear SCAS Alumni,

It is very pleasure to welcome you to the alumni section of our website, where you can feel right at home. In this section, you can be active and engaged members of the community, reconnect with your classmates and keep up to date about alumni events.

Students, past and present, are what any Institution should be all about. Faculty and staff are vital as well, but students are unique in that they will forever fill a role—whether they are current students or long graduated. It would be easy to lose track of most graduates after they embark on their various careers, but doing so would be a huge mistake on any Institution’s part.

Why? They create the College’s reputation, which relies in large part on how successful graduates are in the real world. This process is self-feeding as well. Srinivasan College of Arts and Science becomes well known for producing graduates who are intelligent, innovative, and effective in their fields, so its reputation grows. New graduates will have better job prospects because they went to a well-known College, and the process will continue.

Alumni also help sustain the College through Financial Assistance, volunteerism and through various Avenues like Admission Referrals. Dear SCAS Alumni, you play an important role in the overall growth of our College.

A key factor in college rankings is the amount of alumni participation universities have. This isn’t surprising, considering an active alumni base generally indicates that past graduates feel like they had a quality educational experience. Attending a College with very active alumni also often encourages current students to remain involved and active after graduation, once more perpetuating a good cycle.

To encourage alumni participation, every year we conduct Alumni Meeting twice in a year. On in the Odd Semester and One on the Day of Convocation. We honestly request all SCAS Alumni to take active participation in the our College Grow and refer new candidates as it is the Admission Season. Your participation is our Pleasure and Pride. We look forward to your greatest cooperation.